Snakes & Ladders

High ambitions for design and layout gave us a much longer production process than we had planned and hoped for. We’re usually not very good at keeping exciting secrets from you, but we have had to keep our cards close to our chests about this beauty for quite some time now. It’s therefor with an even greater pleasure that we present this brand new single by our cosmic Norse Americana brothers, Sugarfoot . 

The main song, “Snakes & Ladders”, is taken from last year’s critically acclaimed album, “The Santa Ana”. Here it is in a new, exclusive single mix. We’re not claiming that it is a radical departure from the album version; still we believe a fine-tuned ear will notice variations both in sound and instrumentation. In addition to the song “Snakes & Ladders” itself, the single also contains two songs exclusive for this release. 

The stunning cover-art, designed by Italian artist Thomas Raimondi and Crispin Glover Records’ own in-house designer, Håvard Gjelseth, can be folded out to become a huge Sugarfoot-Snakes & Ladders-board game. The board has 81 numbered squares, most of which are decorated with motives taken from Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree & White Buffalo Studio.

What about the pawns, you might ask?

They are of course cut-out figures of Sugarfoot themselves. So with a good pair of scissors and a tiny dose of patience, each member can be cut out from the accompanying inlay sheets. Then throw your dice and move the boys around your board. Pretty neat, or what? 

Three different versions to buy, ltd gold/ltd gold/red and classic black:

Snakes and ladders, go back to start……….

Illustrations by Thomas Raimondi

Art Direction by Håvard Gjelseth

Side A: Snakes & Ladders ( 7″ version )

Side B: Leave the Lights

Theme From Roald Dahl’s Tales Of The Unexpected

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