Once again, Sugarfoot’s choice of venue to celebrate the release of a new album was Dokkhuset Scene, Trondheim. It was such a great night, with a fantastic dedicated audience who stood through almost three hours of loudness. Special guest for the night was Lars Horntveth, who has produced Sugarfoot’s latest, “In the Clearing”. Damn, what […]

“In the clearing” is our fifth album. It was recorded in Studio Black Box (France) last year, together with musician and producer Lars Horntveth. The release date is set to June 7th, and the record will of course be duly celebrated with a concert at Dokkhuset Scene on the very same day. And, guess what! Tickets are on sale right […]

High ambitions for design and layout gave us a much longer production process than we had planned and hoped for. We’re usually not very good at keeping exciting secrets from you, but we have had to keep our cards close to our chests about this beauty for quite some time now. It’s therefor with an […]

Album release on May 26. It’s safe to say that never before have Sugarfoot let go of this much control. Rather than relying on time and the limitless possibilities of a modern studio, the band was back to trusting their musical instincts. As a result, the music sounds fresher. It probably also has a slightly […]