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Wie bei der letzten Platte haben sie die Reise nach Kalifornien ins renommierte Studio Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree gemacht. Und es hat sich wieder mal voll gelohnt für SUGARFOOTaus Norwegen. Die Formel diesmal: Countryrock und 70s Westcoast  mit einem Schuss Folkrock und AOR mixen  in die Neuzeit transformieren. Chef Øyvind Holm und sein Sextett mit Motorpsychos Benth Sæther am Bass hauen hier 13 geile Songs raus, dass es eine reine Freude ist; man kann buchstäblich hören wieviel Spaß sie im Studio hatten. Die kalifornische Sonne wird hier beim Lauschen der exzellenten Tracks sehr spürbar.
Holms charakteristische und helle Stimme hält diese Songs zusammen, und mehr als einmal meint man CSN&Y um die Ecke blinzeln zu sehen – so perfekt sind die Vocals gesetzt. Westcoast-Rock wie in „Mighty Pharao“ wird ja heute in dieser Brillianz gar nicht mehr gemacht – Hut ab! da kennt sich jemand mächtig gut aus. Es gibt großartige Gitarrenarbeit…

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“The Santa Ana” – IN RECORD STORES ON MAY 26

Album release on May 26.

It’s safe to say that never before have Sugarfoot let go of this much control. Rather than relying on time and the limitless possibilities of a modern studio, the band was back to trusting their musical instincts. As a result, the music sounds fresher. It probably also has a slightly rougher edge to it than before, but still with all its harmonic and melodic qualities intact.

The LTD edition can  be ordered from Crispin Glover Records. This LTD version includes a hand printed folder with a wind map of the Santa Ana winds & ten 15cm x 20cm photos from the recording session at Rancho de la Luna. 200 copies only.

The entire album is also available on Spotify, Tidal and iTunes.

All songs arranged by Sugarfoot. Produced by Sugarfoot / Executive producer Dave Raphael. Engineered by Thomas Henriksen. Mixed by Noah Shain at White Buffalo Studio, Los Angeles. Mastered by Wim Bult, with Dave Raphael at Inlinemastering, The Netherlands.

Recorded at Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree, California.


“Hungry Man” on digital platforms

“Hungry Man” is the first single from our upcoming album “The Santa Ana”.
Available for streaming now.


When we wrapped up our recordings and went back home to Norway last year, I’m pretty sure none of us were ready to simply check Joshua Tree off our list of “been-there-done-that”s. The sessions out there had turned into something really special for all of us.

My assumption is therefore that I was probably not the only one who sensed the big «to be continued» hanging over the desert sky when we drove off to the airport.  I don’t think any of us anticipated our return to happen this soon, though.  Only weeks after the release of “Different Stars”, in May 2015, the planning of a second trip started.

“Different Stars” was recorded in a week at Rancho De La Luna, then brought home for overdubs and mixing. This time we wanted to reinforce the Californian imprint on our music even further. To do so, we drew up the following challenge, or should I say dogma, for ourselves: to record and mix an album of new material within the limits of a two-week period.2016-11-21-10-19-20


Rancho De La Luna




Compared to last year’s sessions, this meant deadlines on a totally different level. There would be no room for postponing production details for later.  Decisions had to be made on the spot, songs had to be picked / eliminated, and all the arrangements, lyrics etc. had to be worked out in advance. As it turned out, we made quite a few alterations to our original ideas once the actual recordings took place. The point is that on such a tight schedule it’s easier to change an idea around, than it is to find direction where there’s no idea at all.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that we’ve never, on any of our previous albums, let go of this much control. In a way, we were back to trusting our musical instincts again, rather than resting on our years of studio experience.  As a result, I think the music sounds fresher and it probably also has a slightly rougher edge than before.

As in 2015, we spent a week at Rancho De La Luna. Fourteen new songs were recorded. We then spent a week in L.A., where Noah Shain was booked to mix the songs at his White Buffalo studio.  The daily work routine was usually something like this: Noah would be mixing one song while at the same time the band would be busy finishing another; editing, adding backing vocals or maybe some last-minute guitar parts. Everyone had a designated task that they had to execute in order to have the next song ready in time for mixing. So, more than ever before, I feel that making this album has been a team effort.


White Buffalo studio in L.A

We couldn’t have done it alone, though.  It is therefore only fitting that we mention those who have injected indescribable amounts of positive energy into our dream. We humbly bow in gratitude to:

Torgeir Lund, for running the best bar, catering business, and label in the world, and for believing enough in us to take us out on this magical trip.

David Catching, for his hospitality, generosity, and for letting us become a part of the Rancho De La Luna saga. That Thanksgiving party was also a blast.

Noah Shain, for patience and musical insight, and for going along with what must have sounded like a crazy idea – to mix 14 songs in a week. It was a rare experience to witness how the songs came to life between your hands.

And then, of course, our dear friend Dave Raphael.  I’m really not sure where to begin. You’ve been like the wheels on the Sugarfoot bandwagon. Thanks for letting us stay at your house, for supplying us with all that state-of-the-art studio equipment, amplifiers (Fucktone rules) and guitars. And once again, for documenting our trip. Your support is invaluable, man!



And here we are back home again. Just in time for Christmas. In a few days, when we’ve had some well-deserved sleep and once again come tumbling out of the jetlag haze, there’s a pretty good chance we might look back on everything and mistake it for a crazy, surreal dream.  But I’ve got the music here to prove it all happened. We really made it!  Now we just have to figure out a way to present it all to the world.

Can’t wait to share the music with you all!


December 2016


Reviews and quotes | German magazines on “Different Stars”

We`ve had some fun learning German today, so let`s read some German quotes on “Different Stars”(click links to read full reviews):

“..neun fabelhafte Stücke…”

“Der Sound von Sugarfoot atmet den Spirit der Sechziger von Bands wie Grateful Dead, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young oder sogar den Doors. Ein Fest für die Ohren!”

“Musikalisch findet man hier einige Hinweise in die Vergangenheit“

„Neben straighten und unverschämt poppigen Country-Hits … überzeugen hier gerade die sehr schön ausladenden Nummern …zum Schluss, bei denen die musikalische und songwriterische Qualität von SUGARFOOT erst so richtig zur Entfaltung kommt.”

„Ein Fest für die Ohren!“

“„Different Stars“ ist wirklich hörenswert!”

“Ein eleganter Ritt, der entlang Saguaro-Kakteen führt und doch auch unterschwellig Einflüsse von skandinavischem Psychepop über Americana und Alternative-Country bis zu Westcoastanleihen atmet.”

„Der Kontrast aus wohlklingenden, schon countryhaften Stücken und dunkleren, nachdenklicheren Songs fasziniert über Albumlänge.“

“SUGARFOOT spielen jedoch alles andere als melancholischen Alternative-Country, sie fühlen sich wohl in der Mainstream Variante.”

“…musikalisch und technisch ein makelloses Album.”

“This is well done and fairly unique, even sounding quite comforting.”

„Die ganze Platte hat eine Leichtigkeit und Popsensibilität, die anderen Vertretern des Genres oft abgeht. Und dann ist da auch so etwas Verklärtes, Verträumtes, das an die frühen Siebziger Pink Floyd erinnert“

„Ein perfekt leuchtender Stern vom Cosmic American Music-Himmel, unterm Nordlicht zu bleibender Güte gereift.“

„Rock, diesmal mit deutlich mehr Hang zum Blues und auch zum amerikanischen Folk, gar zum Country und Cowboyrock.“

“Wer auf brilliantes, leicht verschwommenes Westcoast/Countryrock-Songwriting steht (mit der Betonung auf Rock) ist hier genau richtig.”

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Brygga Sessions #3

The third chapter from Brygga Sessions is out now. This time it`s the song “Take it Back” from the album “Different Stars”. Enjoy!

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Brygga Sessions – That Dream Again

New video from Brygga Sessions out now! “That Dream Again” is an unreleased song. Beautiful harmonies by Siril Malmedal Hauge.

Editing: Halvor Hoem
Sound engineer: Pål Brekkås

Motorpsycho inducted into Rockheim Hall of Fame

We are proud to congratulate our own @onkelfuzzbass, Bent Sæther, and the other half of Motorpsycho, Snah, for rocking their way into Rockheim Hall Of Fame.

The ceremony took place at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, Wednesday August 3rd. To honor the band, Sugarfoot teamed up with Ida Jenshus, Alexander Pettersen and Pål Brekkås for a rendition of The International Tussler Society’s “September”.

The entire ceremony was captured on camera and will be televised on NRK1, August 20th.


Photos by Thor Egil Leirtrø

2016-08-03 Motorpsycho – Rockheim Hall of Fame

‘Different Stars’

Here`s an update. ‘Different Stars’ has been out there for a couple of weeks and the reviews are starting to come in.

  • Adresseavisen – 5/6 “En sammenhengende fryd”
  • – 5/6 “Sugarfoots tredje plate består av ni stykker velspilt og velkomponert musikalsk nammenam”
  • Trønderavisa – 5/6 “Bare å ta av seg cowboyhatten for supergruppa”
  • – “Årets norske musikkøyeblikk uansett sjanger?”
  • The Wilhelmsens ( – 6/6 “Først og fremst har Different Stars blitt et aldri så lite eklektisk mesterverk”

Listen to the album on Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music.


Buy the vinyl  from our label Crispin Glover Records here or other recordstores out there.


‘Different Stars’

‘Tiger Rider’ OUT NOW!

The first single from the upcoming album ‘Different Stars’ is out  on Crispin Glover Records. Listen, enjoy and share. Full album is set to release on the 20th of May. Enjoy!

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