Joshua Memories

When the sun set over Joshua Tree National Park last Saturday, it also marked the curtain fall on a seven-day long adventure for the band. We had managed to cram more into a week than we ever had imagined was possible before we left Trondheim the previous Sunday.

It’s not easy knowing where to begin when it comes to sharing highlights, because they were so many. We ended up recording fourteen new songs; which means we have brought well over an album’s worth of music back to Norway.

Of course it was hard work. Our routine was usually: up at 8AM, a fast breakfast at 9, and then spend the rest of the day recording until midnight – some nights even later. In between all of that, we finished lyrics, made arrangements, ate lunch, wrote new music, ate dinner and even found time for the occasional beer.
To round up the studio sessions we brought amps and guitars down to JT Trading Post Friday night, to play a gig. Even though the police did their best to scare people away, we played our gig for a small, but enthusiastic audience.


In addition to all this new music, we also had time for a fantastic day out on Saturday. We probably took thousands of new band photos. We also managed to shoot clips for a video that hopefully will turn out good enough to accompany our next single, when the time comes.

Some of the locations used looked so amazing friends and family believed they were fake when we posted pictures back home. They thought we were goofing around at an old movie set or something. But in all its surreal beauty, Joshua Tree is very real. The desert is both scolding hot and dusty, and we were warned to look out for rattlesnakes and scorpions. Luckily, the only scars I got are from pulling cactus needles out of my arms.

Of course, none of this would have been remotely possible without help from the amazing Dave Raphael. He was our photographer, studio engineer…. eh actually our “you name it, I’ll take care of it” guy. But more than anything else, he was a great friend. We couldn’t have done it without you, man!

Back in Norway, we’re all left with tons of fond memories. I’m really pleased that all through the week everyone kept talking about how we’ll do things “next time”. So who knows?
I even found Joshua sand in my boots this morning. Maybe I’ll bring it back – next time!